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“   Torture the data and generate competitive business in manufacturing industry”


The manufacturing industry is changing from day to day and generating a huge volume of data.e.g Power plant generates a huge volume of data. This data can help the manufactures to increase the throughput, understand where to exposed the risk & respond to customer demands in near future. Data is the only thing that can create business intelligence (BI) in the businesses. Manufacturing industry in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah is also getting benefit from it. Here are just few methods how data is generating data by day and how the manufacturing industry is getting business intelligence (BI) from it? The managers in the manufacturing industry in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah cannot get competitive business on the basis of location & geography alone. Consumers always wish to purchase good & suitable products from manufactures in low prices.

Why business intelligence (BI) is important in Manufacturing Industry in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah?

Business Intelligence (BI) is really important in manufacturing industry Solutions in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah because business intelligence (BI) can help manufacturing business users to analyze cost factors and make appropriate decisions for acquisition of raw material & sold goods. Managers can find patterns, Trends & insights in the market & ordering & shipping inventory results to optimize the investment options & shortage of supply. The demand for the precise and valuable information is greater than ever. Manufacturing users can gather & analyze the information for supply chain systems, enterprise resource and Planning (ERP), Sales and Marketing, shipping, Distribution systems and customer relationship managements. Business intelligence (BI) includes the activities of decision support system, query & reporting, online analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting & data mining.

Understanding the terminology Business Intelligence (BI) for Manufacturing Industry:

Business intelligence (BI) is very important terminology & increasing the use of business intelligence (BI) for Manufacturer users   day by day. Below is a short definitions & description for commonly used Business intelligence (BI) terms that use manufacturer decision makers.

Business Intelligence in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah:

Business intelligence (BI) is the commonly used term from category of applications & technologies for gathering, analyzing, storing & providing the access of data to help Manufacturer users for the better decision making. Business intelligence (BI) system includes the activities of decision support system, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), Statistical Analysis, forecasting & data mining.

Data Warehouse Solutions in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah:

A data warehouse is the collection of all databases where the data is integrated from all parts of the data that different enterprise various businesses systems collect. Typically a data warehouse is placed on an enterprise server. Data from various databases of all source systems can be extracted & organized on the data warehouse database for analytical applications & user queries. Data warehouse capture the data from various sources for analysis & access. A small piece of data warehouse is known as Data mart.

 Data Quality:

The effectiveness of data really matters a lot in data warehouse. Data quality assurance (DQA) is the process of verifying & testing the data for effectiveness of data in a data warehouse. The maintaining of data quality requires through the data cleaning  & scrubbing it. Mostly important, it involves updating it, standardizing it and duplicating it to standardize the single view of data even it is stored in multiple places of disparate systems.

Master Data Management (MDM):

A method of enabling an enterprise to link all of its data to one file called a master file which provides the important point of a reference. Data is combined from multiple sources to create a new structure is known as master data management. When properly done Master data management file is shared across all the personnel’s & departments. Additionally, Master data management files provide a facility in multiple computing systems including architecture, applications & platforms.

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI):

There is much software use to bring a corporation’s manufacturing data together from many sources for analyzing, reporting, visualizations & passing data from enterprise level & plant floor systems. As we combine data from multiple sources to create a new structure that will help the users to find what are their needs regardless of where it came from.

Operation Performance Management (OPM):

A set of processes that help organizations to optimize their business performances. It also provides a framework for organizing, automating, applying different business methodologies, metrics & processes that help many systems to derive business performances.

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