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“Hi, Please Turn your Data in to Valuable Facts. Bilytica is helping you.”


Are you worried with huge volume of data now days? Please does not need to worry, Bilytica in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah is helping you to provide data solutions and services. In today’s world of big data and internet of things, we are collecting a large volume of data to gain valuable insights in future. As we know the data is always in unstructured and structured format. So data warehousing strategy is a key solution to us.

Our BI consultants, Developers and experts help you find the best approaches to gain valuables figures and ultimate information. Bilytica is providing BI Services & Solutions in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah, Data warehousing services & Solutions and Big data services & solutions in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah. We offer data warehousing services and solutions with expertise for developing, assessing and optimizing of your data warehouse. We extremely help you to choose the appropriate tools, accurate and timely solutions and ensure the availability of consistent. Relying on the basis of truth we provide BI, Data warehousing and big data services and solutions for better decision-making. Let’s we talk about the path for the trusted and reliable data warehouse platform.

We follow this path to develop a data warehouse solution for your organization. Let me explain all the things step by step. 

  1. Data mart Strategy development
  2. Data modelling
  3. Data profiling
  4. Data Mapping
  5. Extracting, Transform and Loading (ETL)
  6. Performance Optimization


  1. Data Mart Strategy Development:

The business Intelligence (BI) Project’s success only depends on a solid data warehouse design and architecture. We apply our expertise with industry proven technologies and solutions to build highly efficient, high performance and reliable schemas. We help you to choose the appropriate tools, providing the best solutions to finding valuable information and ensure data is consistent, reliable and timely.

  1. Data Modelling:

To have a well-built data warehouse, we have to start with building the data models. We try to know your technology source is SQL, Oracle any other database. We take start from gathering the requirements, validating the requirements and modelling the process, as well as help you finding the best modelling approach that works best for your organization.

  1. Data Profiling:

Reliable and trustworthy data is important for your data need. Data profiling is really important to improving data quality. With data profiling, we may help you to examine and collect statistics on your data. We use this information to refine business requirements & rules, understanding the anomalies and classify the data elements.

  1. Data Mapping:

How much huge of data do you really need to build a data warehouse? Data mapping is the important part of data warehouse project. Basically mapping determines how we can transform our data needs from one source on system to another source on system. Our data warehouse experts help you to   build the data warehouse document to ensure you have all the data where we need to build a data warehouse. 

  1. Extracting, Transform & Loading (ETL):

Using an ETL process, we plan to clean and integrate data from multiple sources in a central repository of a data warehouse. Our team has good expertise in ETL tools and methodologies to optimize and populate data in a consistent and repeatable manner.

  1. Performance Optimization:

Data warehouse capacity can quickly be finished as data volume increases and causes to performance degradation and costly upgrades. Optimization ensures that data loading queries are acceptable with performance limits and are scalable. We can help you to measure ad analyze the performance that determines the best approach to maintain efficiency.

DW/BI readiness assessment

Our DW/BI estimation examines the client’s association on the scope of IT, application, data, architecture and business.

Assessment of current DW/BI environments

At Bilytica DW/BI review is conducted with the help of business users, IT supervisor, DW/BI team, IT support staff and client’s customers. Our team evaluate the current systems and, if require, customer’s future plans.

DW/BI strategy and roadmap

DW/BI professional consultants at Bilytica, along with domain experts, helping clients’ plan, DW/BI strategy to fulfill their future requirements with the help of the assessment service outcomes.

DW/BI tools evaluation

An opportunity is there for customers to choose from a wide range of tools and strategies to plan the BI, DW Management or Data Integration Technologies as we influence our industry expertise to offer assessment or an unbiased second opinion.

DW/BI solution modeling

Our team of specialists offer customers the Data Warehouse designing. This process starts after the primary assessment and strategy phases.

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