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Bilytica – your destination to hire Machine Learning Engineers. Our experts specialize in creating, optimizing, and integrating machine learning models to fuel innovation and deliver value.


Machine Learning Engineering

Custom Model Development

Bilytica excels in developing tailored machine learning models. Our expertise ensures these models address your unique challenges with high accuracy and performance.

Model Optimization

Our team specializes in optimizing machine learning models. We fine-tune them to enhance efficiency, reduce resource consumption, and improve performance.

Model Integration

We ensure seamless integration of machine learning models into your infrastructure. Our expertise guarantees smooth transitions and enhanced business operations.

Why Machine Learning Engineering?

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Improved Decision-Making

Predictive Capabilities

Innovation and Creativity

Scalability and Flexibility

Enhanced Customer Experience


Our Machine Learning Engineering Services


Data Preprocessing and Feature Engineering

Our engineers transform raw data into high-quality inputs for machine learning models. This ensures the models perform at their best and provide reliable outcomes.

Custom Model Development

Bilytica specializes in creating tailored machine learning models. These models are designed to meet your specific business needs with superior accuracy and performance.

Model Integration

We ensure seamless integration of machine learning models into your applications. This facilitates a smooth transition to AI-powered solutions and enhances operational functionality.

Algorithm Selection and Implementation

We help you choose and implement the most appropriate algorithms for your business needs. This process ensures optimized model performance and accurate results.

Model Optimization

Our experts optimize existing machine learning models to enhance efficiency and performance. This includes reducing resource consumption and improving overall effectiveness.

Model Maintenance and Monitoring

We provide comprehensive maintenance and monitoring services for machine learning models. This ensures they continue to perform optimally and adapt to changing data patterns.

Industries We Serve

Food Delivery

Enhance order accuracy, delivery efficiency, and customer experiences.


Improve diagnosis accuracy, patient care, and data-driven medical insights.

Real Estate

Optimize property recommendations, market analysis, and customer interactions.


Develop self-driving capabilities, predictive maintenance, and advanced driver assistance systems.


Personalize learning experiences, and provide intelligent assessments and educational insights.

Personal Care

Deliver personalized recommendations and solutions in the beauty and wellness industry.

Why Should You Hire Us for Machine Learning Engineering?

Customized Solutions

We tailor our machine learning engineering services to match your unique business requirements. Hire Machine learning engineers at Bilytica so you can ensure that our solutions align perfectly with your goals.


Performance Enhancement

We focus on optimizing model performance, delivering solutions that not only work but work exceptionally well, providing a competitive advantage.


Our engineered models are designed to scale effortlessly with your growing data and business requirements, ensuring long-term sustainability.


Expertise in Diverse Models

Our team has extensive experience in machine learning engineering, from working with a wide range of machine learning models and deep learning neural networks to traditional statistical models.



Our optimization strategies reduce computational and operational costs, helping you maximize the ROI of your AI investments. Hire machine learning engineers at a pocket-friendly cost without compromising quality.

Monitoring and Support

Our optimization strategies reduce computational and operational costs, helping you maximize the ROI of your AI investments. Hire machine learning engineers at a pocket-friendly cost without compromising quality.

Our Engagement Model

Team Extension

Our team extension concept is intended for clients who need to supplement their workforce with specific skills for their projects. Bilytica’s AI and Machine Learning specialists can be seamlessly integrated into your existing teams. Our team extension services provide you with access to top talent and domain-specific knowledge to help you with your tasks.

Committed Development Team

Our AI and machine learning specialists and software development teams at Bilytica are well-versed in cutting-edge cognitive technologies. We provide high-quality AI and Machine Learning services and solutions that help our clients achieve digital transformation. We ensure that your projects are in skilled hands by harnessing the most recent breakthroughs in AI and technology.

Project-Based Model

Our project-based strategy is ideal for client collaboration and unique project engagements. Bilytica, an AI and machine learning specialist, provides software development experts who collaborate with your team to deliver customized solutions. With our project-based strategy, you may achieve targeted targets and secure excellent project outcomes.

The approach we use for Machine Learning Engineering


Requirements Analysis


We begin by thoroughly understanding your business objectives and requirements, ensuring our models align with your goals.


Model Selection or Customization


Based on your needs, we either select appropriate pre-trained models or create custom models tailored to your data and objectives.


Fine-Tuning and Optimization


Our experts fine-tune models, optimizing hyperparameters and architecture for peak performance.


Integration and Deployment


We seamlessly integrate the engineered models into your infrastructure, making them ready for real-world deployment.


Monitoring and Maintenance


Continuous model monitoring and maintenance ensure that your models remain reliable and accurate over time.


AI Models We Have Expertise In


We are skilled in making use of GPT-3, a cutting-edge language model created by OpenAI. GPT-3 is noted for producing text that resembles that of a human, making it appropriate for a variety of applications involving natural language processing.


GPT-4 is an updated version of GPT-3 that delivers enhanced performance and much more potent linguistic skills. We use our in-depth understanding of GPT-4 to build highly precise, context-aware chatbot solutions.


BARD is a popular transformer-based model that is renowned for its superior performance in bidirectional language processing and context understanding. We are experts in BARD and use it for jobs like entity recognition, intent classification, and sentiment analysis.


Transformer-XL is another transformer model version meant to handle long-range relationships and context in text sequences. We use Transformer-XL for tasks that need comprehension of lengthy discussions or documentation.


DistilBERT is a simplified variant of BERT that provides quicker inference without suffering significantly from performance loss. When computational power or response time are key considerations, we use DistilBERT.

Next-Generation Tech-Stack We Use

DL Frameworks

Modules / Toolkits