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Zuora Insights is an analytics solution for subscription businesses. Insights helps users to keep an eye on the financial health of their business while deeply understanding their subscribers actions and behaviors. These insights can be used by various departments, including Marketing, Product Management, Customer Success, Finance, Sales, and Operations.

Insights integrates with a number of applications, including Zuora, so it acts as the hub of subscriber data for the business. Business can use this data to:

  • Report on the health of the business and stay up to date on key subscription metrics. Report on bookings, billings, revenue, collections, AR, and trends with an easy and simple report builder. Keep their team up-to-date on trends for key subscription metrics such as changes in MRR, CLV, and churn.
  • See a complete picture of every subscriber. Unlock data buried across the company. Capture every event that happens, see how subscribers interact with the business over time, and get a full picture of their subscribers.
  • Group subscribers by common traits and behaviors and trigger interactions over any channel. Stay up-to-date on how customers are doing. Look for signs of churn, low product adoption, potential upgrades, etc. and take action. Instead of ad-hoc emails and activities, create automatic triggers to engage with targeted subscribers in their third party applications.

The BI life cycle spans a continuum that begins with large amounts of disparate data and stretches to encompass people, technology, information, analysis, and decision making. The benefits of BI are substantial: new business capabilities for insight, forecasting, planning, agility, and strategy execution.
Realizing benefits is challenging. With many moving parts—infrastructure, technology, data, integration, analytics, applications, metrics, reports, dashboards, scorecards—putting the pieces together in the most effective way is difficult. Learn the basics of BI from end to end, with special attention to two of the most important factors for BI success: planning and collaboration. You are most able to chart a course for BI success when teams and stakeholders share common concepts, use consistent terminology, and contribute collectively to the BI vision.

You Will Learn

  • Meaningful and actionable definitions of BI
  • Effective ways to deliver BI: Web, mobile, desktop, etc.
  • Common kinds of BI reporting: ad hoc, published, enterprise, and operational
  • Performance management principles, including dashboards, scorecards, and KPIs
  • Business analyst principles, including OLAP, analytic modeling, and data visualization
  • Advanced analytics concepts for data mining, predictive analytics, and text analytics
  • Data management practices, including profiling, cleansing, and quality management
  • Data integration practices, including consolidation, virtualization, and data warehousing

Geared To

  • Anyone with a role in BI/DW programs who needs to understand the concepts and the full life cycle of BI
  • BI/DW managers and leaders seeking to increase the value and business impact of a BI program
  • Business andtechnical people who need to work together to implement BI
  • Teams that need to develop a common base of concepts and terminology for BI

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