Business Data Solutions

Data is a vital information source stream of an organization. Safekeeping of data along with managing its storage and backup is mandated by Company Laws. This ensures effective audit trails and tracking of organization’s working. Number of software offers managing data solution and amongst them; Microsoft SharePoint is the leading platform for implementing Business Data Solutions. Microsoft SharePoint provides an easy way to integrate business data from back-end serve applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, Seibel, or a Web Service.

Business Connectivity Services of SharePoint is a centralized infrastructure that supports integrated data solutions wherein you can use SharePoint and Office 2013 clients as interfaces into data that does not live in SharePoint itself. It also connects to data that is available through a Web Service, or data that is published as an O Data source or many other types of external data. All these are available as an out-of-the box or custom connectors in Business Connectivity Services.

Our Business Data Solutions are finally aimed at creating rich Business Intelligence reports. After integrating SharePoint with Business applications such as SAP, Siebel, Microsoft SQL Server and etc; we can easily publish reports, lists and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) over SharePoint BI Center Site. A BI Center site is a SharePoint site especially designed for BI Contents, such as data connections, reports, scorecards, and dashboards. It contains special document libraries for storing reports, lists, and connections to external data sources.

Our Expertise

Bilytica has been constantly delivering data solutions services to help enterprises in Integrating, Managing and Reporting their business data.

  • Offers management of very large amount of data very efficiently.
  • Implement Business Connectivity Services to integrate business data from back-end serve applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, Seibel, or a Web Service.
  • Implement external list or Business Data Web Parts in SharePoint to allow user to view, update, or delete business data from any external back-end server applications or data from web services.
  • Bilytica can develop any custom data connector to address any specific requirement for connecting SharePoint to any external application, including any cloud application and expose the same as web service. We have implemented several SAP Connectors to address such specific requirement.
  • After integrating external Business Data with SharePoint we can implement BI Center Site in SharePoint and publish reports, lists and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) over SharePoint BI Center Site.
  • The customization of business data solution enables analytical usage of data along all sections of the enterprise.
  • Provide solution that creates strong data backup for business houses.
  • The business data backup solutions ensure security and safekeeping of vital business data.
  • Archiving and storing of data in real time is facilitated with ease.
  • It facilitates movement and sharing of large amount of data within an organization through a validated environment.
  • Our easy customization features of Business Data Solutions; help in formulating and modifying a custom made software solution according to the organization.

Why Bilytica?

  • More than a decade of experience in implementing SharePoint projects.
  • Vast SharePoint Implementation Customer Base which includes MNC’s and Some Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Experience and proven track record in Business Data Catalog to integrate data from Enterprise Solutions like SAP into SharePoint.
  • Developed a custom SAP Connector with SharePoint to export and import data from SharePoint and into SharePoint.
  • More than 30 solutions implementation on SharePoint for different industry verticals.
  • We have used Business Connectivity Services to build many types of data integration solutions for some of the leading multinational companies.
  • Resource pool of Domain experts, SharePoint Consultants, .Net Developers with SharePoint Business Data Catalogue integration expertise.
  • Pre-build Frameworks and SAP Connector using BDC to integrate enterprise data with SharePoint
  • Market tested approach to SharePoint and Enterprise Application integration with SharePoint.
  • Microsoft Certified Partner on SharePoint and Collaboration.

Business Data Solutions Projects

Here are some key Business Data Solutions Projects.