Imgessel was born in 2007 to extent its arm to provide quality engineering services for hydrocarbon production, process and power industry.Meet us Imgessel

Imgessel is a group of experienced mechanical, electrical and process engineers working closely to provide integrated engineering and consultancy services both locally and internationally.

We deliver engineering services on turnkey basis for the complete cycle of the project from concept to commissioning.

We have proven our skills at local and international level around the world working in multicultural working environments. We have been very successful in delivering affordable access to world-class mechanical, process, instrumentation and control services to companies of all sizes in any sector of the industry.

We enjoy multicultural, multinational and diversified working environment with the vision of serving humanity for better world for humans on earth.

We integrate with client to fully understand his needs and sharing our contribution to best of our capabilities.

The key success of Imgessel folded in hiring hardcore specialized engineers for the specific engineering tasks to provide high quality engineering services to our clients within the schedule of project.

Imgessel is equipped with experienced process, thermal, mechanical , electrical and instrumentation engineers providing quality engineering services for process equipments; pressure vessel, separators, heat exchangers, columns, process boilers, power boilers, water bath heaters, fired heaters, stacks, flares, steel structure , product and industrial design , skid mounted separator units, skid mounted process plants. We provide client specific engineering solutions to process, oil and gas and power industry by integrating process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering


To become a multicultural multinational engineering services company for betterment of this earth



Our vision is to provide experienced quality engineering, project management, and fabrication and construction services to our
clients locally and internationally utilizing experienced engineering manpower. Experienced practical engineering skills are our main strength that makes us unique and versatile.

Core Values