Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. This can include awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction, purchase, use, cultivation and advocacy. It can also be used to mean an individual experience over one transaction; the distinction is usually clear in context.

With products becoming commoditized, price differentiation no longer sustainable, and customers demanding more, companies need to focus on delivering superior customer experiences.

The MarketExpansion’s customer experience management solution involves strategy that focuses the operations and processes of a business around the needs of individual customers. Companies have started to focus on the importance of the experience.

Our services at a glance:

  • Definition of an individual CX strategy for your launching brand in Germany
  • Implementation of people, systems and processes
  • Execution of the CX strategy across channels
  • Monitoring & optimization of the CX strategy