Live Distance Learning Classes

Our Distance Learning capability extends the reach of a learning program by providing online live courses and mentoring options that allow participants to learn from their computer as they participate in a live online training or mentoring session. The presentation is interactive, just like “traditional” Instructor Led Training except that the instructor is in another location, though everything is still 100% live including the course labs being conducted in “real time” with the participants.

Live Distance Learning courses afford Blended Learning that encompass online classroom training, live discussion, and self-directed study into one educational experience, delivered to your desktop specific to job roles. Just like in the traditional training room, if you have a question you speak up as you normally would. The Instructors delivering the online training course will be able to see your screen and interact if need be, to demonstrate during a lab. Plus they are available to work with you after the class as well as in Mentored Learning sessions. And we can even record the sessions for review at a later time!

Class sessions are often spread out over time to allow for review and research and where appropriate, using the course recordings. Live Distance Learning classes offer schedule flexibility and frequently afford cost savings compared with traditional classroom training, especially where the participants are located in remote locations and travel would be involved – without sacrificing the effectiveness of a dedicated instructor.

The staff at Bilytica has extensive experience in distance learning.

Delivery Best Practices

The Live Distance Learning offers a very flexible delivery paradigm:

  • Time: a 16-Hour Course in 2 days,2 weeks, or anywhere in between
  • Place: in the classroom or over the Internet or both

From a time perspective, you can teach a 16 hour course in 2 days, which is the traditional classroom method, or 2 weeks with the students participating a few hours a day.  In fact, you can teach Live Distance Learning courses in any timeframe you want.

Remote Mentored Learning

This unique 1 to 1 or small group instruction combines the least amount of time away from the office – and personal life – with the most time dedicated to learning what you need to know. Delivered in short, sharp sessions, this approach is an ideal approach to jumpstart a mission-critical implementation, remediation or reinforce skills training to get the most out of a software upgrade. Whatever the learning needs, this method gives you fast, targeted results.

Remote Personal Mentoring

We offer intensive, individualized remote personal training to help participants with remediation following assessments or to quickly and effectively apply new skills to the workplace.
Live Distance Learning is different to E-Learning, which is a self-directed learning experience. Live Distance Learning is an Instructor Led experience with a blend of group interaction, instructor support, and independent study.

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