Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Training: Introduction to Data and Process Modeling

As businesses realize that data is a key corporate asset, they struggle with a standard way to represent it. They are thwarted by archaic systems with unorganized data definitions. The business groups and IT aren’t always in synch.
Is there a practical way to model a company’s data that won’t take forever?
This course will familiarize business and IS professionals with the fundamental principles, concepts, and standards of data and process modeling. The attendees will learn the elements of modeling via participatory presentation, discussion, and exercises from real-world situations.

Who Should Attend:

Business or systems analysts, data administrators, project leaders.

What You Will Learn:

  • Data management concepts (review).
  • How to design for integration.
  • Data modeling fundementals.
  • Process modeling fundamentals.
  • Verifying and implementing models.