InsureQlik Big Data Analytics

InsureQlik offers the precise insights based on the available data. Get fast answers to the difficult questions for more confident decision making. InsureQlik insurance Big Data Analytics software enables you to take benefit of the big data for:


You can visually explore plenty of records and journey points. Weed out all the unimportant variables and quickly develop, test and make use of the best modeling techniques for the identification of risk factors and create appropriate pricing models.

Social Media Analysis

Listen and monitor the conversations about company on various online channels. Give context to the conversations and engage with the customers on personal level.

Catastrophe Modeling

You can easily perform in-depth analyses in real time to assess scope of catastrophe. Make critical decisions which can significantly affect the company’s long term financial stability.

Risk Analysis

InsureQlik Insurance ERP software reduce the impact of risks on the business. Our advanced analytics allows you to anticipate the enterprise risks and initiate the risk control measures for losses reduction.