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Consulting life is tough and everyone wants some kind of break to manage his/her consulting life effectively and to reduce his/her workload. Some people don’t really want to do a normal 9 to 5 job and they want to make their career in ERP consulting. ERP Consulting gives complete freedom to manage their work according to their schedule without getting a headache of 9 to 5 job. It consulting may include new implementations, software upgrades, support or training and it let the people face new challenges every day.

How to handle demands of multiple ERP clients & projects without disturbing your personal life?

You need to use your resources well. If you have project manager (PM) with you then you need to use him/her perfectly as PM will be the main source of communication with all the clients. You are supposed to be in constant with your client on site but PM will need to be there for backup and to help you in communicating realistic expectations to the client. Sometimes ERP client don’t really understand that you have some commitments with other clients as well and they have unrealistic goals for deadlines. If you have a good PM then he/she can communication with the client as they make client happy and let them feel that his/her project is on top priority.

Don’t Overbook Yourself

You need to keep a constant eye on your calendar and don’t over book yourself. You need to manage your time by setting your deadlines according to the place at which you need to work. You also need to coincide your resources and do work accordingly. PM needs to be aware of your schedule and you need to share your calendar with you PM and your team. People and clients must know your availability and ERP consultant also needs to provide support for the projects which are already completed.

Keep Constant connection with ERP clienterp_wheel

You need to be in constant connection with your client and you need to be available through mail or phone even if you are not available in your office. You need to understand that the key towards being a successful ERP consultant is communication. You need to be in constant communication with your PM, to your peer ERP consultants and other stakeholders. You also don’t need to be afraid in telling your client that you are overbooked and cannot do work at a specific deadline. You need to maintain a balanced work agenda to keep you and your family happy. If you keep your clients happy and complete projects on budget and on time then you are surely going to make your family happy.

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