This course illustrates the basic concepts of data management.
it explores the nature of data as a resource, defines the data management terminology, and describes tools and techniques that are available for the management of data as a business asset.
The style of the course is interactive, and during the second half of the day participants will be divided into two teams to play The Data Game, a workshop designed to bring home the concepts that have been taught throughout the day, and build stronger cross-functional teams capable of taking on the challenges of data management.

Who should attend:

Business or systems analysts, data administrators, project leaders, and cross-functional groups.
Playing The Data Game encourages better teamwork back on the job. It’s a good idea to mix business and IT attendees in the same class to maximize its benefits to the team.
What You Will Learn:

  • Issues of data management.
  • Tools and techniques for managing data.
  • Data relationships.
  • Data quality.