Predicting the future of CRM – Next Generation CRM in Dubai AbuDhabi Sharjah Ajman Al Ain Fujairah Ras Al Khaimah Umm al-Quwain UAE United Arab Emirates

CRM implementations are occurring commonly in the recent years as software is made more palatable for small and mid-size organizations. Different ERP vendors have built the robust CRM offering which can work as standalone systems or as part of big systems. CRM systems future is bright however there are number of trends which you need to consider as part of your CRM implementation:

Efficient Implementation Strategies and Clearly Defined Phasing

Some organizations don’t view CRM implementations as standalone deployments which are independent of their ERP software. Most effective CRM deployments are the ones that are thought and implemented as part of an overall implementation strategy. Clients sometimes simply look for the new system rather than thinking about the long term vision for encompassing software and this approach prevent the organizations from having a large number of options in coming years.

Various Deployment OptionsCRM Prediction

Standalone CRM system gives plenty of deployment options as it lends it perfectly to the options like cloud, SaaS and other options provided by big ERP systems. You can utilize CRM systems via cloud or on premise with ease which gives you the real freedom in choice.

Integration to third party ERP systems

Potential CRM buyers just have two options in the past, they can either go for standalone CRM system which cannot be integrated with any external ERP system or they have to get settled with the limited CRM module functionality of existing ERP systems. Integration is important and that’s why trend has changed and CRM vendors are offering pre-defined integration tools and points to help the clients in tying their CRM systems to the existing ERP systems.

Organizational Change Management and Business Process Re-engineering

CRM deployments involve great deal of modification to business process and organizational responsibilities and roles and that is the reason CRM systems offer business process re-engineering for effective and efficient organizational change management for facilitating every change. Complete focus on business process re-engineering and organizational change management ensure implementation success and that is the reason you must opt for CRM system which can let you get the deployment according to the associated business process changes.

CRM systems have refined a lot in last few years and you just need to have a check on these few variables as a first step during your selection and deployment of new CRM system.

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