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Human Resource Management is a key function in a business without whose support a business cannot survive. An efficient HR helps the organization in recruiting, training, appraising and retaining talented employees which help an organization in not only surviving the competition in the market but also helps in gaining competitive advantage over competitors and also to attain business excellence. A proper and efficient Human Resource Management of HCM software can assist an organization in getting the right people for the right tasks along with heling in different issues like recruitment, talent development, appraisal, succession planning and training programs. An efficient HRM software will streamline all HR related operations in an organization, thus greatly increasing the efficiency and productivity of not only the HR department but the whole organization.

There are multiple HR software in offering various benefits and functionalities. HR systems of today are not only powerful analyzing tools but also user-friendly and affordable, allowing HR personnel to access important data,  to develop training and recruiting programs, and to automate routine tasks. However to select a reliable HR software in , you need to make sure that they are providing the following features:

  • Mobility

Gone are the days when HRM software and ERPs could only be accessed by a desktop computer system. Smartphones rule the market and one of the features that are often checked by buyers is whether the software provides mobility or not. The rise of cloud-based technology has enabled accessibility like never before. A mobile HRMS provides the employer ease in monitoring employees remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • Leave Management

Keeping a check of attendance and balance of leaves is a concern of both the management and the employees. While managers need to see the implementation of leave policy, the employees desire to easily apply for leaves or cancel them as the situation arises, informing the management beforehand. This allows the management in assigning tasks in such a way that the usual flow of business is not affected.

  • Recruitment Software

As you post a vacancy for a job, hundreds of resume fill your mail and make it extremely different for you to sort them out and to find the most relevant candidate. A good HRM software would provide powerful tools that help you in storing resumes in a centralized location, screening candidates based on specific criteria, track applicants, manage interviews and select candidates.

  • Payroll Software

A HR system that doesn’t support a payroll system is like a body with no blood flowing through it. An efficient HR & Payroll Software in streamlines all operation related to the payroll such as salaries, commissions, bonuses and incentives and keeps a track of them along with supporting all statuary and regulatory compliances related to a country. It also helps in developing settlement process for employees who have resigned and also helps in generating multiple pay slips.

  • Performance Appraisal Management

Another important feature that should be present in your HRM system is performance management. Actively monitoring the performance of your employees and identifying areas where there is a need to further polish their skills along with providing training in those fields where there is a deficiency is extremely crucial for an organization. It helps you in keeping a check on their competencies and allows you to improve not only their performance but also in achieving business excellence.


PeopleQlik by Bilytica is such a reliable HR software in that provides these features along with addition along with being cost-efficient. To solve all your HR issues, try PeopleQlik today.

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