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Personalized & Customer Driven Marketing

Personalized and customer driven marketing enables you to amuse your customers according to their needs and preferences. It let you to have comprehensive knowledge about customer profiles, buying behaviors, loyalty, social interaction and online behaviors through multichannel marketing. This multichannel marketing let you to drive predictive analytics and customer insight. Through personalized marketing campaigns you can have a transparent idea about customers likes, dislikes, preferences, needs and demands. This fruitful information allows you to extract maximum profits from all types of customers. You can deliver personalized and smooth shopping experience across all channels and devices to comfort your consumers. This sort of marketing ultimately let you to provide right experience at right time and through right channel.

Shelf Storage & Merchandise Planning

Shelf storage and merchandise planning let you to have real time and accurate information about your inventory. Inventory management and shelf space are the backbone of your business performance. Analytics let you to know about your highly profit making product. Robust optimization tools and techniques enable you to have perfect assortment planning to widen space utilization. Retailers can design balanced merchandise strategic planning totally in accordance to latest marketing trends.

Recommendation Engine & Next Best Action

Product recommendation engine completely understands the needs and requirements of visitor and show them what they want to have. You can serve your visitor with most relevant recommendation, type and products in no time. Next best action feature let you to guide and take your visitors to the appropriate point. Life event patterns, buying attitudes, social media interactions and other aspects enables you approach right customer, at right time and at right channel.

Dynamic Pricing & Optimization

Dynamic pricing and optimization equips you with real time market trends. You can develop cross product foretelling, design malleable models; create price optimization situations and solution to execute pricing decisions. Our exceptional analytics solution let you to develop price optimization model and strong pricing platform with multichannel integration to make dynamic, competitive and contract pricing decisions.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics let you to be more connected, focus, smart, scalable and swift. It provides you 360 degree view of your performance and enables you to make sure that you are supplying right goods in right quantity to right place and at right time. Its amazing features of metrics, dashboards, planning, scheduling, network optimization, working capital management and outsourcing allows you to manage workforce, information and finance.

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