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Recruitment Analytics

Recruitment analytics has amazing modules of workforce forecasting, defining candidate success profiles, job response optimization, quality of new hire, analysis of cost per placement and improve time to fill & fill ratios to streamline HR’s recruitment process. Forecasting analytics help you to have deepened insight of workforce requirement even before the business managers realize them. Theses forecasting allows the business to be malleable and transform easily with changing demands. It enables you to select the right candidate for the right post. During recruitment process data analysis can provide recommendations that help the firm to have efficient responses to their job offers. Fill to time & Fill ratios lessen search time and allow you to have right talent to the right post.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing through talent supply targeting and optimization of recruitment channels enables the firms to utilize qualitative and quantitative information to design comprehensive plan of the supply of talent to better visualize talent pool availability. We assists you to develop tools and techniques that allows you to have detailed view of your recruitment ads and strategies, by following received applications number of hired applicants, screen to hired ratios and expense for each channel. It enables you to spend your time and energy on those sources which provides best candidates. We will be the best partners for small scale business as it cut down costs required for hiring process.

Recruitment Analytics

Employee retention and attrition allows you to foresee attrition risk of present employees and let you take steps to keep your workforce delight, engaged and insensitive to competitors’ overtures. It notifies you to change working conditions and attitude whenever any employee is at the risk of leaving. Attrition root cause lets you to target and fine turn your employee retention strategies effectively. To achieve significant results you need to compare resignation rate with variant variables like locations, tenure, functions etc. which ensures program investments.

Employee Performance

Employee performance analytics enables you to manage scarcity of workforce, improvement in talent management and performance evaluation methods. It lets you to enhance productivity and lessen cost by highlighting top and bottom performers. It manages your performance rewards as this will stop top performers to resign. You can utilize skills of opportunity to retain and raise performance by analyzing the promotion rates, lateral moves, promotion wait time and internal hiring rates of top performers. Leadership potential assessment let you to identify traits of leader in managers and top performers.

Compensation and Incentive Analysis

Compensation and incentive analysis ensures that your performance reward programs are competitive and are also in complete accordance with your company’s aims and objectives. Its modules like employee cost analysis, flexible workforce costs, employee movement impacts on compensation, total cost of workforce and rewards & recognition enables you to raise the standards of productivity by effectively launching employee incentive programs that recognize and reward top performers.

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