Combined with practical consulting experience across a range of industries, this provides you with the ingredients that can make the critical difference. Our mission is to guide our clients along the path to impactful uses of information and analytics. Since 2009, Bilytica has been at the leading edge of developing custom business intelligence solutions – leveraging our consultants’ deep knowledge of business analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence and performance management – to help a wide range of companies improve their core business processes and increase profitability.

Where the Business and Technology of Analytics Meet

For many companies, there is a chasm between what business users need and what technical teams deliver. Fortunately our business intelligence consultants are here to bridge that gap .

On the business side, we understand the levers that drive company performance.  Whether you’re an operations executive trying to monitor and manages costs, or a marketing professional trying to acquire and retain the most profitable customers, our strong business background allows us to understand the business “mechanics” and how BI can help you succeed.

On the technology side, we understand how to design and deliver a successful BI program in your environment. Further, with expertise developed through our experience as consultants, educators and BI best practice judges, we can work shoulder-to-shoulder with your BI team to avoid risks and handle the full range of technical and governance challenges.

Creating the Right Business Intelligence Solution for You

Your business is unique. There is no single destination for your BI. While there are common problems that business intelligence and analytics can solve, each industry, each company, each business unit has its own challenges. In addition to dealing with business challenges, each company has its existing technology and information architectures – which impact delivery of BI and analytics to meet business needs.

To find the right fit for your company, Bilytica can help you define your business challenges, determine the best business intelligence solutions to solve them, and deliver high-impact applications that lead to better and faster ROI on your BI investment. Whether you’re just getting started with business analytics, need help getting your BI program unstuck, or are looking to use analytics as a competitive differentiator, Bilytica can create the right solution for you.

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