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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

CloudPital Laboratory information managements systems (LIMS) let you to supervise and organize organizational functions, supervision tasks, information and documentations administration, excellence control, and allotment of the information between numerous labs and technicians. It administers information and data in methodical and profitable laboratories. It makes you able to noticeably inferior down execution and working out sessions. CloudPital is stretchy, adaptable and best in strain solution because it let you to supervise and activate your laboratory missions successfully and professionally. By automating tasks and integrating them with instruments and systems, it helps you. It reduces the possibilities of human error and also reduces the risk of proposal holdups and breakdowns. The organization can adapt without difficulty to evolving business requirements. It makes you able to cut down your entire cost with the help of decrease in continuation and instruction cost.

CloudPital solution suggests you such a solution that fulfills your association needs commands and most prominently financial plan. It makes you able to deliberate on your business presentation by running and organizing your data. The solution offers you the most excellent apparatus and techniques with which you can make the most of the efficiency and effectiveness of you laboratory administration and can collaborate directly with patients to let them have best care experience.

Main Features of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

  • End to End Lab integration with Hospital and Clinics
  • Collection Centers integration
  • Lab automation
  • Lab Testing
  • Online Portal for Patients
  • Maintains your lab inventory and storage management
  • Manages lab projects
  • Save all test reports and results electronically for instant use through electronic document management
  • Laboratory automation and integration for instrumental control of liquid handling and synthesis work station
  • Chemistry and Cheminformatics platform for compound registration, visual structure, drawing, structure etc.
  • Molecular Biology, Cell Culture and Bioinformatics performs variable functions like amalgamation with instruments
  • Customize access of employees and other administrative staff to data and notify whenever any changes are done in the system
  • Specification management feature let you to perform according to the customer specifications and demands
  • Provides the complete and detailed analysis of laboratory functions and performance through data analysis
Steve Michael

Cloudpital helped my practice to boost revenue , increase efficiency and most importantly it reduced the communication gap between my patients and me. My patients love online appointments , availability of lab results in their mobile app and patient portal.

Steve Michael
Ogul UCA

Cloudpital automated all departments of our hospitals providing a single solution for our OPD, IPD, Wards , Operation Theater, Finance, Labs , Radiology and Warehouse. We can access critical information from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Ogul UCA